Damp Proofing

Do you have a mould or condensation problem in your home?

Damp is one of the most common issues that can appear on a home buyer's report. Unfortunately for the seller, damp can result in costly repairs and significant delays to closing the sale.

To avoid this potential pitfall, DampProof Solutions provides both buyers and sellers with our general damp survey. Our team will compose a full, frank and accurate assessment of the moisture levels with the home.

Our team of professionals

 Identify problem areas and suggest the best solutions for:

Rising damp

Our rising damp service injects the walls of old properties – or newer properties where the plastic membrane has failed – with a chemical DCP. This chemical DCP acts as a barrier, preventing moisture from entering the property.

Mould and condensation

Our team investigates the myriad of reasons for excessive moisture within a property that can lead to mould. High condensation levels create the perfect environment for mould to grow which can have a detrimental effect on the health of the property’s inhabitants.

We can suggest and implement the appropriate solution to address the individual condensation elimination needs of the property.
These solutions can include the installation of ventilation fans or improvements to a property’s central heating system.

Dry/Wet Rot

We provide a range of dry rot and wet rot solutions for older properties. Depending on the level of the dry rot we either spray the attic with a solution or inject the solution directly into the timber.


In older properties, we investigate timber for the tell-tale signs of woodworm and can provide a chemical solution to remove the woodworm from a property’s timber.

Depending on the extent of the woodworm in the property’s timber we can either spray the chemical solution onto the area or inject the solution directly.

Don't let mould or condensation delay the sale of your home

Surveys & Reports

We provide clients with a complete survey and report service where we implement a comprehensive assessment of the damp and moisture levels within a property.

Using the very latest testing equipment, we supply clients with an abundance of complex and accurate data concerning the level of moisture in the client's home.

Our surveys and reviews also contain our expert recommendations on how to properly address excessive moisture levels. We also provide recommendations on how best to address damp within the building.

All our surveys and reports come complete with industry recognised certificates.

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